Historias de Madrid

In every post we talk about Madrid and things to do around here, but today we aren’t.

Today we’ll meet Anna Codorniu and his book “Historias de Madrid” (Madrid Stories) a fantastic alternative guide to learn about and find out the best Madrid secret places. She runs the blog drimvic where she talks about her travels, charm places she has discovered and everything that inspires her.

This beautifully crafted guide collect the 15 favorite projects of Anna. The 15 highlighted places on the book have their own history behind them, and it’s this inspiring story the one that Anna tell us with interviews to the “heroes” of each project side to side to her personal point of view and her own photos -and of course the address of each place- so you can discover them too.


The book show off being eco-friendly with 100% recycled paper and it’s made in a chemical free environment. Is you’re interested in the book, you can purchase it online here.