10+1 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for your love

Gloves for lovers

For ultra-cuddly couples: For the sweethearts who are always holding hands, finally, a mittens set that lets them stay connected and share the warmth. If you like to knit, that could be a nice and cozy project for this freezing winter!

49€ at Etsy

A Non-Cheesy Bouquet

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Or only want to make a traditional gift that lasts more than a weekend. These roses are sprayed with a treatment that makes them last a full year!

120€ at Venus et Fleur

Spot your love

Map out where you first met, where you live now, or another place of special significance, and you’ll get a personalized jigsaw puzzle featuring that location. Extra sweet is the heart-shaped centerpiece.

31€ at Signals

For your lovely and clueless one

Are you always helping your bae look for her keys… or wallet… or cell phone? The Tile Slim is the ideal gift for people on the go. They can stick the GPS-enabled sticker to whatever items bae loses the most, and track them via Tile’s smartphone app.

34€ at Amazon

Your pooch needs love too

Toby needs love on this special day. What’s better than a gift that will protect him should he get lost? Find your pet with a click of a button on your smartphone. It’s waterproof too!

80€ at

Which of you is the chef?

Here’s a gift that you might want to consider getting two of: one for her and one for yourself – it’ll help you make it through the long, cold winter. This Click & Grow unit comes with everything needed to grow herbs year-round, from mint and basil to rosemary and parsley.

100€ at Amazon

Gift with a surprise

Burn these candles and you’ll discover a secret piece of collectible jewelry. A few select candles will contain an extraordinary $10,000 diamond charm. Unfortunately, this gift is sold out everywhere, but it can be an amazing DIY project, and your personal one always can have an unique gift inside.  💍

Sold out rigth now, but you can DIY at home

Your perfect you

While they know great aunt McSophie came from Ireland, most people would be surprised by all the facts about their family heritage they don’t actually know. For one low price, 23andMe helps them explore their DNA – from where their ancestors come from to the DNA of people who are related to them.

135€ at Amazon

For a love that lasts

Make Valentine’s Day last. How much time did you have for writing down best wishes for your partner? 7 records, one for each day in a week, 12 for each month, 14 for honor the V’day in fourteen days in a row, 31 for a whole month, or go big or go home with 365 sweet notes for one year of love.

You can buy a pre-made (but customizable) nice jar or do it yourself at home!:

28€ at Kind Notes

A gift for both of you

For an utterly romantic present that is light on the budget, look no further than Me, You, Us. Each day, you and your better half can fill in a page. Each page includes a cute little prompt – like “plan the dinner party of our dreams” or “decide your perfect theme song” – which will help you learn more about each other and bloom your

14€ at Amazon

+1 A romantic night out in Madrid

And last but not least, you can make an amazing plan over Madrid and spend a cozy night in one of our vacational apartments, maybe you want to surprise your partner with our romantic couple Romeo & Juliet. We have a special Valentine Day offer that includes an amazing discount and a bottle of Red Wine and a box of chocolate in the chosen apartment plus free late check-out.

102€ at Palacio Conde de Miranda