The Night of the Theaters Madrid 2018

Tomorrow is the T day (T night really) The Night of the Theaters, a great event for next Saturday’s evening, April 7. Organized by the Region of Madrid, with the participation of more than 80 theaters in the capital and other near cities in the Region.

The theaters will offer reduced-price tickets, special events or guided visits and there will be theater performances on the streets (free of charge most of them)

The event starts at 18:00h in the Real Casa de Correos (at Puerta del Sol, steps away from our Palacio) with the initial proclamation, and then it will be distributed throughout different spaces and streets of Madrid’s city center. Please check the website of the event (in Spanish) for more details. There is a broad range of options, so it is recommended to plan in advance the shows you want to see and their locations. However, with so many events in venues so close to each other, you can move from one plot to another in a few minutes walking.

Max Estrella on the Night of the Theaters

One of the most important shows of The Night of the Theaters is the XXI Night of Max Estrella (web in Spanish), who will represent different scenes from the play of Valle Inclan. Actresses, actors, directors, writers and authors, musicians and comedians will be on «scenarios» with Max Estrella. It will start at 6 p.m. at Casa Ciriaco (Calle Mayor, 84), and will end at 23 p.m. at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, with the reading of a message for the Theater Day and chocolate con churros for everyone!

The tour will go through different spots in the city center of Madrid related to classical authors and the world of performing arts. It’s a must!

Teatralia, theatre festival for kids

Teatralia (web in Spanish) hosts a big variety of different theatric performances on different locations in Madrid for kids of all ages. This special event takes places not only on April 7th, it will start today (April 6th), and continue until April 29th, so you have more than one opportunity to introduce your kids to the fantastic world of theater.

It will certainly be another memorable Night of the Theaters. And above all, it will be an unforgettable appointment for all lovers of the arts and Spanish culture.

Will you enjoy this night out? Tell us your experience!