The Day of the Book.

We remind readers and non-readers that today, April 23, the day of the book is celebrated.

A day celebrated internationally in which lovers of reading accustomed to perform different activities that traditionally take place this day for many years. Among these activities stand out the markets of used books, reading workshops, outdoor reading (reading in public places), meetings with authors and much more.

For children, there are also places where they can read and buy stories, in addition, this year, there will be activities to encourage reading and reading connoisseurs can read for children who have not learned yet.

This celebration begins at the beginning of the 20th century. Great literary figures such as Cervantes, Shakespeare and Garcilaso de la Vega died on April 23, 1926, others were born.
In 1955, the Spanish government presented its proposal for «the day of the book» to UNESCO and it became an international day starting this year

The day of the book in Madrid:

In “paseo de recoletos”, there will be the old and second-hand book fair from April 27 to May 15. You can also visit the book fair located in “el retiro” if you have not visited it yet! If you are from another country you can enjoy the culture of the diverse Spanish literature in one of the most beautiful parks in the world.
Do not hesitate to inform you about the different workshops and events also celebrated this day.

In Palacio Conde de Miranda  we are also fans of reading, so you can enjoy two of our rooms inspired by Romeo and Julieta and don Quijote and Dulcinea.