The contemporary poetry creation festival

The poetic festival returns to Matadero Madrid on 2 and 3 of June. The last year had nearly 20.000 participants.

During these days you will find poets, musicians, visual artist, writers, photographers, performers and publishers altogether. It is very interesting to visit the festival because you will have the opportunity to participate in a whole set of facilities, workshops and activities.

The inauguration of the festival will take place on Thursday (31st May) in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. The artistic action that opens the festival this year will be a bombing of 100,000 bookmarks with poems that will be launched from a helicopter on the Plaza Mayor 8:30 p.m.

The festival will have the collaboration of national and international artists from different artistic branches such as Joan La Barbara, Anne Waldman & Fast Speaking Music, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Hollie McNish, Manuel García y Lixo Luxo Poético (International artist) or Antonio Gamoneda,Mansilla y los Espías (Fernando Mansilla, Jasio Velasco y Daniel Abad),Mercedes Cebrián,Héctor Arnau, Marc Vilanova and electrónica Rrucculla (National artist).

One of the innovations of this year is that POETS has two different activities to the family audience. The first one is «Creative essay with words and melodies of JU (Saturday 2th) which seeks to enhance the creativity and self-expression of children through simple recreational resources to familiarize with words, language, musical structure, metric or the rhythmic pulse.
The other one is «Esencias» (Sunday 3th at 12:00pm in the Auditorium of Casa del Lector) is a concert of Pepino Pascual & Souvenir Orchestra formed by a host of non-conventional instruments.

Another complementary activity to do in Matadero Madrid is to rent a bicycle on the banks of Madrid Rio. In this way, every citizen of Madrid and tourists can enjoy a bike ride from Matadero Madrid.

How to get to Matadero Madrid?
You can access the site by public transport:

Metro: Legazpi (L3 and L6) just 6 minutes from our rooms
EMT buses: 6, 8, 18, 19, 45, 78 and 148
Permanent taxi stop: Plaza de Legazpi