Feria de Abril

Easter holidays have ended, some people have taken a few days off but others have not. Do not worry if you are one of those who had to work, study or just could not afford it.
It is possible that you could hear the Latin word “feriae” before, centuries ago the Romans used it to refer to the days of rest.

We remember that in a few days the fair of April called Feria de Sevilla is celebrated! The perfect excuse to scape from routine and spend a few days in a magical, fun and charming environment.

The fair is located in the center of the city and there are public and private huts, belonging to the town hall. So if you plan to go and know a friend with access to a private hut, Do not hesitate to ask him to invite you.

 The origins of the April Fair are on August 25, 1846 when two councilors, Narciso Bonaplata (Catalan) and José María de Ybarra (Basque), businessmen settled in the city, drafted a proposal that led the City Council asking for the celebration of an agricultural and livestock fair.
Later, the city council fixed the date of this fair that still subsists with the step of the years. Currently the fair starts the day 15 of April (Sunday) and ends the 21 of April (Saturday).


Beautiful huts, riders and horse-drawn carriages will show you the beloved culture of Seville. It does not matter if you´re young or not, you´ll have a good time anyway. Thousands of tourists visit the fair every year and return excited to their home countries to tell this wonderful tradition to those who have missed it.

When you arrive at the enclosure, you begin to see the famous gate (entrance to the fair) that has been illuminated by miles of bulbs at night. The fair enclousure has numerous streets of great historical value, counting “el real”, principal area  of the fair, named for the currency (el real) that formerly earned the drivers for their service years ago. The huts and other structures within the enclosure will also have an impressive lighting. You can not miss the fireworks either!

For the fans of  bulls, there will be bullfighting performances and for those of the dance, a great number of Seville dances. You can see beautiful flamenco dresses and enjoy a good cuisine of this country. The favorite destination of children within the fair is “calle del infierno” where all the attractions are located. This year will feature a new roller coaster called Wild Maus, which reaches 17m in height and 60km /h